about me

Hey there, I am Rabiul Awal, undergrad student at Noakhali Science and Technology University Bangladesh and majoring in Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering. I am interested in Machine Learning and Neural Network. I am an enthusiastic competitive programmer too. I love data structures and algorithms mostly.   My research focuses on Deep Learning and its application to Image Recognition.

I solved some problems in online judges on Data Structures and Algorithms.  Nowadays I’m working on some projects related exploratory data analysis, neural networks and implementation of classical machine learning algorithms.

In my personal life, I think I am a jack of all trade, master of none. I love art, history, culture, literature, politics and psychology. I have a great interest in the youth mind of Bangladesh, their movements towards society, our education system and ongoing politics of Bangladesh.  I love to write about anything that I see. And I think  I’m a Mad Man and a Free Thinker who loves blogging, music, books, traveling and storytelling. I contributed in some programming, cultural, voluntary and welfare org in my Univ campus and edited some literary mag. I love to lecture to people about tech, human psychology and explain how things work.


Contact Me
awalrabiul6 at gmail dot com