I saw life from a very close look with a free mind and I’ve realized that there something I could do for people, for our society and yes of course for a change. I’ve grown up with an aesthetic mind with the philosophy of social contribution from an enthusiastic effort based on voluntarism, idealistic philosophical movement and later with spreading open-tech. In this journey, I’ve met a few great people who tried to do something in art, culture, politics, education with impact and tech with a voluntary and opensource mind to the world. None of the initiatives taken was solely mine rather it was a combined movement ran by some people with dream of a free world and a better place to live with equality.


Moshal is a literary and cultural organization of Noakhali Science and Technology University established in 2014. I was one of the founding initiators and sole idea maker of this outstanding org. It has lightened a campus-based cultural movement with a great quest of art and literature for a change to society and openness in one of the growing university of Bangladesh at Noakhali. It works for arousing latent literary and cultural talents from NSTU, collaborating with alumni of the campus and countrywide enthusiastic cultural movers, artists, and intellectuals. With the spirit of liberation war 1971, some youth of 2012, ’13 and ’14 session initiated this org in the purpose to understand art, culture and ran a movement for developing democracy, open-mindedness, and humanitarian values among students. represent times with literary and cultural motivation which fueled by an acute progressive cultural movement.

Blood Donors Society NSTU

I co-founded Blood Donors Society NSTU in 2014 with some of friends and seniors to raise youth humanitarian voice and commit to the welfare of the society in a non-political manner. It is a well-known campus-based welfare org in Noakhali Science and Technology University which focuses mainly on blood donation activities and awareness on health-related issues. NSTUBDS is currently focused on activities that provide long-term and sustainable benefits to people of Bangladesh, especially for Noakhali Zoned people.