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Indian 500 cities Data Exploration

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Dataset Info

Arijit Mukherjeehis dataset merging the census 2011 of Indian Cities with Population more than 1 Lac and City wise number of Graduates from the Census 2011, to create a visualization of where the future cities of India stand today. I collected it from Kaggle and tried some data visualization technique to explore Indian 500 cities.

Attributes Info

  • ‘name_of_city’ : Name of the City
  • ‘state_code’ : State Code of the City
  • ‘state_name’ : State Name of the City
  • ‘dist_code’ : District Code where the city belongs ( 99 means multiple district )
  • ‘population_total’ : Total Population
  • ‘population_male’ : Male Population
  • ‘population_female’ : Female Population
  • ‘0-6_population_total’ : 0-6 Age Total Population
  • ‘0-6_population_male’ : 0-6 Age Male Population
  • ‘0-6_population_female’ : 0-6 Age Female Population
  • ‘literates_total’ : Total Literates
  • ‘literates_male’ : Male Literates
  • ‘literates_female’ : Female Literates
  • ‘sex_ratio’ : Sex Ratio
  • ‘child_sex_ratio’ : Sex ratio in 0-6
  • ‘effective_literacy_rate_total’ : Literacy rate over Age 7
  • ‘effective_literacy_rate_male’ : Male Literacy rate over Age 7
  • ‘effective_literacy_rate_female’: Female Literacy rate over Age 7
  • ‘location’ : Lat,Lng
  • ‘total_graduates’ : Total Number of Graduates
  • ‘male_graduates’ : Male Graduates
  • ‘female_graduates’ : Female Graduates

What you may learn here?

This notebook is a detailed investigation on top 500 Indian cities. I worked from two side. One approach is statewise analysis and another one citywise. Findings was quite interesting!


This project requires Python 3.5 and the following Python libraries installed:

You will also need to have software installed to run and execute a Jupyter Notebook.

Install Anaconda, a pre-packaged Python distribution that contains all of the necessary libraries and software for this project.

Visualization: Question Answered

  • Which are the top 10 highly populated cities of the country?
  • What states listed top by number of cities in 500?
  • What are the most populated states of India?
  • Show total population of the country in cities map
  • What are the most male populated states?
  • What are the most female populated states?
  • What are top 10 literate cities of India?
  • Find effective literates across states.
  • Analyzing graduates across states.
  • What are top 50 cities by population in India?
  • Show total graduate percentage in entire population of top 50 cities?
  • What are the top 15 cities where female gradutes lives?
  • Show difference in average number of male and female graduates?
  • Show difference in average number of male and female literates?
  • Analyzing Sex ratio across states.
  • Male vs female literates comparison.
  • What are the facts of top states?
  • Is there any linear relation between sex ration and graduate ratio?
  • What are the top 5 undeveloped states of India?
  • What are the top 10 undeveloped cities of India?


500 cities data exploration notebook

click on the image below to view full DATA EXPLORATION Jupyter notebook .