Rabiul Awal

About Me

I currently work at Goava (Sweden based sales intelligence startup) as a software engineer. I am part of Dhaka (backend) team. We work on information retrieval and big data tech; focusing on next-gen AI-driven B2B sales prospects and insight tool development.

Before joining Goava, I was an undergrad at Noakhali Science and Technology University. In 2018, I graduated from Computer Science program. As someone concerned about social good with a CS major, I have always a spot for human centred intelligence.

I love to stare at things that connect language, socio-politico, and people. This site double as my personal blog. Posts range from computer science to my perspectives on life and absurdity. In my free hours, I like reading paperbacks, cooking, and blogging sometimes. Books and gossips at goodreads!

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I am broadly interested in philosophy, patterns, and machine intelligence. My recent work has focused on the intersection of social computing and NLP, with an application focus on hate speech detection, social media analysis, and language modeling. I like thinking about what’s necessary to make NLP applicable to social goods.

May 27/20 – On Analyzing Annotation Consistency in Online Abusive Behavior Datasets got accepted in ICWSM-2020.
May 22/20 – Got selected at machine learning summer school @Indonesia (MLSS-INDO ‘20)!
Jan 16/19 – Joined Goava Sales Intelligence AB
July 9/18 – Participated CVIS Workshop on AI, Vision, and Machine Learning at BRAC University
July 6/18 – Joined Bengali.Ai meetup at IUB

awalrabiul6 at gmail dot com